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Testing & Commissioning

Electrical Engineering Services

Testing and Commissioning is the main source to keep system or Equipment’s in safe and active. We are strengthened by our Experienced Professional Engineers who are aware to handle site with safety, quality, efficiency and dedicative work on the system. The Kit and Measuring Tools we provide will be calibrated to standard. Our engineers periodically undergo required safety, Product, Software training.

ALJA Engineers has extensive experience in the testing of electrical systems and equipment in electrical utility facilities, including all types of generating stations, substations (e.g. receiving, distribution, etc.), as well as converter stations.

  • High level experienced engineering professionals in both GIS and AIS testing & commissioning field.
  • Configuring relay in accordance to the scheme.
  • Testing of transformer, numerical and electromechanical relays, and electrical equipment with customer requirements.
  • Retrofitting numerical relays disturbance recorder, event logger in CR panels.
  • Preparation and submission of a formal report including results of all tests performed during Integrated Testing.
  • Annual maintenance testing of various types of protection relays.
    • Insulation Resistance
    • Polarity
    • Excitation
    • Winding Resistance
    • Ratio Test
    • Testing of HV & LV Switchgears
    • Switchgear Maintanace
    • Feeder Realays
    • Transformer Protection Relays
    • Motor Protection Relays
    • Generator Protection Relays
    • Distance Relays
    • Line Diff. Relays
    • Synchronisation check relays
    • Hipot test for HV cables
    • Hipot test for HV cables
    • Insulation resistance
    • Sheath test
    • Load test of battery charger
    • Initial check for battery cells
    • Functional check on charger panel
    • Charging and battery test for battery cells